Tantric Beginnings - Healing Journeys with Goddess Maya

In Hindu the word Maya means illusion.  It is an illusion that we are not one energetic divine entity. It is only after the mind is brought to a suppressed state that the sense of me and mine can be completely annihilated.   In contrast to other spiritual practices  a tantric man or woman achieves this oneness through physical pleasure.

Tibetan Tantra Sessions
 My signature offering is my Tibetan Tantra Sacred Healing Journey.  It designed to quiet your mind so that you may come into the present moment.  It is an experience which draws upon the archetypal goddess energy and wisdom.  With our hearts open we can co-create a healing space in which light overcomes any shadows which  may be  obstructing your peace of mind.   An increased sense of vitality and a feeling of lightness arises as stress is diffused. 

 Tantra Training
Are you interested in learning the practice of tantra so that you can establish a strong inter-connection with yourself  and a strong sense of grounding leaving you less vulnerable to distress?   The  training is  designed to increase your self-awareness on all levels and reduce the anxieties which modern society imposes.  It  will help you to stop the constant noise in your head as you begin the path of integration of your body, mind, and spirit.

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Langhorne PA  
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