Tantric Beginnings - Healing Journeys with Goddess Maya
    In Hindu the word Maya means illusion.  It is an illusion that we are not one energetic divine entity. It is only after the mind is brought to a suppressed state that the sense of me and mine can be completely annihilated.

 I invoke Goddess Lakshmi.  She is the goddess of prosperity, wealth, generosity, and the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm.

Authenticity and Tantra

Many erotic practitioners are claiming to be offering Tantra.  Tantra is not something you can't learn by reading a book or receiving a tantra session.  It takes years to come to a place where you have the ability to be truly  centered and aware of  your intrinsic divine power.  When you reach this point it becomes a calling or a mission. 

An Authentic Tantra Practitioner understands the principles of Energy Work:  "A broad category of body work influencing the seven major energy centers (chakras) and the flow of energy around and through a magnetic  field. As these centers are balanced and strengthened, healing occurs simultaneously on the physical and non-physical levels. 

An Authentic Tantra Practitioner sets clear boundaries in order to keep both the client and herself from taking on any  negative energies which may be lingering in the intertwining  fields of herself and another.

Authentic Tantra Practitioners live a Tantric Lifestyle.  It is a holistic one and takes into consideration spiritual, emotional, physical, and psychological needs and optimal maintenance.  There’s no place for alcohol or substance abuse, processed foods, sleep deprivation, emotional drama, or any other extreme.  Living in a balanced way is a testament to living authentically.    Gratitude and a sense of purpose are key components of this life-style.   Often it is a practitioner who has overcome very serious, even life-threatening obstacles, with grace and humility, that make the best care-givers.  This is the archetype known as The Wounded Healer.  This is the path that I have been on since I was a young girl.  It's when faced with much turmoil that I  fell in love with wisdom and knew that it would be the only way to happiness.

One of the core teachings of Tantra is Mindfulness- the practice of coming into the present moment through sensation.  This applies to any sensation in one’s environment such as  feeling the warm water from the shower, tasting food without distractions, really seeing the clouds and their shapes, until to come into a state of awe.  The vibrational state of awe has the power to bring in positive influences for your well-being.

By practicing Mindfulness you can gain a greater appreciation for touch, both giving it and receiving it.  It is this awareness that changes your perspective on life in general, and in love-making.  Every moment is sacred when you pause to give it your attention.  Showing up mentally as well as physically will make your partner feel safe and valued.  It is the sexiest ingredient in a true connection with a partner.  Mindfulness can give you a more focused appreciation for your partner's body, mind, and spirit.

The other teaching is the devotion to the Great Mother.  It is the development of the awareness of the male and female energies and how to raise the divine feminine in one's self.  By valuing feelings, creativity, harmony with the earth ( and all living creatures),  as well as an elevated appreciation for women who perform the miracle of birth.  Only a safe and revered women can know and share great wisdom.  The goddess are showing us the way to life the darkness.  Come be a part of that new vibration and help raise the consciousness from a competitive and grueling one to a place where we can all feel the divinity that surrounds and flows through each of us.

All of the components that contribute to my Authentic Tantra Healing Journeys are inspired from within my heart.

Leave  all assumptions aside, but do expect the following effects from my ritual: 

  • a shift in energy
  • a new connection to your body
  • the experience of remaining in a state of receiving (without the concern to please another)
  • a simple form of meditation called Mindfulness
  • the relaxing power of water
  • a new perception of the Great Mother and the Divine Feminine

"Dear Maya You changed the way I view erotica. I used to think that is was just sex. I now understand that it is more than physical contact. I look at women now totally different. You made me appreciate what is on the inside. I could not believe how calm I was and when I woke up today I had a joyous feeling.  I feel that I'm in touch with my inner side for the first time in my life. I know this is just the beginning but a spiritual quest. Fondly, Jonathan"

About Me
I have been on a spiritual search for many years in a quest for the revelation of my astrological healing gifts. I have traveled down many paths as if driven by something bigger than myself. A constant craving, a conviction to find my real purpose propelled me through many mine numbing and heart-wrenching experiences. I've slayed the dragon within, in order to continue the search.  Eventually, in my mid-forties, I'd arrived at a place where unbeknownst to anything I'd ever imagined would begin to unfold.    And I was astonished and validated when I began to sooth others with massages.   And from there I gained the momentum to explore tantra.  All along, my power has been my  intuition, sensuality, and spirituality.  
 My signature offering is my Tantra Sacred Healing Journey. It designed to quiet your mind so that you may come into the present moment. It is an experience which draws upon the archetypal Goddess Energy that I share with you in a state of deep relaxation.  With our hearts open we can co-create a healing space in which light overcomes any shadows which  may be  obstructing your peace of mind.   An increased sense of vitality and a feeling of lightness arises as stress is diffused. 

My blog is intended to provide more in-depth information on my practice and related information.  Although I have stopped posting on it,  I regularly send out an interesting newsletter, The Muse Gazette.  To begin receiving it fill out the form on the "Contact" page.   I'm also on Facebook.

To listen to an interview of me by Laurie Handlers done a few years ago please click on the painting below:

"Tantra is the ancient and beautiful science of awakening, first and foremost ..... not just the science of fucking" ~ Margot Anand

Monday- Friday:  noon - 8pm
Saturday noon- 5pm

Appointments must be scheduled a few days in advance.
Phone & Skype Sessions Available are usually available on same day.


 An additional radio interview is posted on a blog entry.

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